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I am always inspired and transformed after a coaching session with Elizabeth Green. She helps me deeply connect to my intuition and heart, which allows my highest potential to unfold. There is a magic with Liz that is powerfully connected to divine insight. She has helped my life blossom and always has held me and my personal path, in the highest light and prosperity. I am so grateful that I have her as my coach!!! - Stacy
Awhile back, I was feeling lost. Knew what I didn't want but I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't know if my fanciful daydreams were something that I could realistically achieve. So, I turned to Elizabeth for answers. She helped me realize that I was too preoccupied with self-doubting thoughts as opposed to believing that I can do it and actually doing it. She helped me remain focused on my goals and after a couple of months, I realized that I was where I've always wanted to live and headed down a path that makes me happier. -Joann
What impress me the most about Elizabeth coaching is her ability to bring out the answers that are already in me. I was able to find the strength inside of me and connect it . With her coaching, I saw things in a different light, and with that, it helps me to raise my energy and vibration. Elizabeth helps me to see what is in front of me and move forward! Thank You! -Tiffany