DSC_0479 (2)3_ppI am Elizabeth and I specialize in working with highly sensitive, natural born leaders, who are seeking to discover and achieve their purpose, to clarify their vision then learn to recognize, understand and apply their intuitive guidance so they can create the life they desire.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and the founder of the Indigo Institute of Nevada. In 2003 when I first started sharing information about Indigos, I thought it was very important that you(Indigos) understood that you were not alone that there were others like you who had similar traits. I saw so many of your parents struggling to get you the help you needed in an outdated school system, that was not prepared to address your unique learning styles. I saw you being emotional effected and slashing out, using drugs and alcohol to numb your self. I saw your self esteem being severely effected.

I thought it was critical that your parents and teachers who were there to support you understood that you were not difficult, that there was not something wrong with you. That you were not cursed, you might be different but that difference did not mean that something was wrong with you. I worked to empower your parents so they would take action and make the schools provide you with the support you needed to address your unique learning style.

As a corporate trainer I saw those of you who were older, struggling in offices, doing jobs that didn’t make sense, that you didn’t like, running in to all types of conflict with your co-worker and supervisors, because you could easily see the lack of integrity and had no problem with speaking up and sharing your insights.

I worked to help you learned that perhaps there was a better way of getting the changes you felt were needed. You simply need to learn diplomatic ways of sharing your ideas. I spent my time getting this message out and provide training so you could develop your gifts.

Now 11 years later I really don’t care what you call yourself, I do care that you realize that you have a choice as to the type of life you live. And regardless of what others might have said about you, you can have the life you desire and deserve.

I realize that my mission is to share the essential skills I learned along the with every talented purpose driven Indigo so your path to a full joy filled life can be a lot faster and easier than mine was.

I want to remind you that you are a powerful spiritual being living in an abundant universe, and that these traits are a blessing not a curse. Once you learn how to recognize, understand and develop them you can create the life of your dreams. I believe that you can, do, be, have anything that you want, if you are willing to take responsibility and do the work.

If this rings a bell, you are in the right place, you are a member of the tribe. If you are ready to live your life full out I am here to assist you in doing it.

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