Why Indigos Doubt Their Intuitive Gifts

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This interview is with Tiffany Rashel, SPEAKER, TEACHER, HEALER, CERTIFIED IN REIKI where we discuss the common reason why Indigo doubt their intuitive gifts.   To get in contact with Tiffany Rashel :https://www.facebook.com/TiffanyRashel1/

The Groundwork for All Happiness is Health

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My Guest Monica Bickerstaff shares her experience of growing up as an Indigo. Learn how she left a mega- successful Network TV career and a short lived abusive marriage to a Narcissist to re-discover her roots & her purpose as … Continued

Effective Parenting Skills for Indigos

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In this interview a parent of an Indigo, Donna Threadgill, shares her experience of raising a child that was different. She explains how find out about the traits of an Indigo child helped her to assist her daughter in adjusting … Continued

The Importance of Money Management for Indigos

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This interview highlights some of the common traits of Indigo and Coach Caren Fern shares how she turned what might have been considered a curse into a blessing. She will share tips on how  to manage your money.